Harborough Pensioner Meets Man Who Caught Robber Who Stole His Wallet

Written by on 10th August 2018

A pensioner robbed in Market Harborough has met the man who brought the person responsible to justice.

79-year-old Gus Rudkin, who has lived in town all his life, had his wallet stolen while walking with his zimmer frame along Walcot Road in June.

Steve Daly saw what happened and ran after the thief, confronting him in Welland Park, while filming on his mobile phone.

The footage led to robber, 38 year old James Smith, being jailed for a year.

Steve was handed a £250 reward for what he did by Leicester Crown Court and has given £45 of that to Mr Rudkin, to replace the money he had stolen.

Hear from both of them on Hfm today.

Steve Gus 2

Pic: Andy Carpenter

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