Complaints Over Broughton Astley ‘Plug Boy’ Ad

Written by on 5th December 2018

A ten year old from Broughton Astley, who won a legion of fans after dressing as a plug in the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert, has sparked dozens of complaints over health and safety fears.


Harrison Willmott – or ‘Plug Boy’ as he’s been dubbed – has become an internet sensation for the way he launches himself into a huge electrical socket during a school nativity performance.

But the Advertising Standards Authority has received 35 complaints from people scared children will emulate him and play with plug sockets themselves.

harrison 2

Fans of Harrison are accusing the complainers of of “trying to ruin Christmas”.

An ASA spokesman told Hfm: “The general consensus of the complaints is around health and safety, fears of children seeing fit to play with plug sockets.

“We are assessing these complaints and weighing up whether there appears to be a problem. If not, we will close the case and inform the complainants.”

Hfm has approached Sainsbury’s for comment.

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