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Steve Watts, up close and personal
Steve Watts is an avid lighting entrepreneur aged 53 with a business success nearing three decades, his passion for music started at 14 years of age where he began on his musical adventure. He is now an established lighting designer and innovator manufacturing lighting used on the XFactor, Strictly come dancing and the Voice.

He is a father of three children, the youngest being Juke, named after the Jukebox and his elder children are Jessica and Sam. Jessica has jumped for team GB in her equestrian activities and Sam’s passion to follow in his fathers footsteps have been realised as he has now joined the family lighting business heading up Abstracts new show lighting division.
Steve’s been a professional DJ working around Europe as a young man, he is also an experienced Cyclist, often found cycling around the shires both on and off road, mainly for exercise purposes as he feels cycling is good for the mind, body and soul. He is a pilot flying for over a decade piloting Robinson and Bell helicopters.

Steve discovered HFM last year when searching for local radio, he was drawn to the station because of its
quality of broadcast and talented presenters. He applied to join the team and after jumping through many
hoops and proving his worth to the station he was offered a regular 10-12PM radio show.

“Entertainment is an avid part of my life and has been responsible for great trappings over time, I owe my life
to the very heartbeat of music, and the joy that it brings to all our lives” Steve Watts
Hobbies include
Mountain cycling, flying, radio presenting.

Steve’ star sign

Personal achievements
Fully qualified helicopter pilot flying Bell 206 Jet ranger, Robinson R22 and R44 aircraft.
Abstract lighting company that Steve has owned for 28 years, he is proud that it is still and always will be a
British company with a UK manufacturing base.
Built his own home in South Leicestershire.
Speaks 3 languages, Danish, German and English.

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Steve’s enchanted, charismatic voice takes to the airways every Sunday nights here on HFM. A show that’s packed full of action from the get go as the show starts with dreamy Sundays, then builds in momentum with the official HFM top 10 charts from 20.00. The show takes a further twist from 21.00 where the […]

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