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Join Richard from 3pm every weekday for the HFM Drive Show.

“I like to think of the ‘Drive Show’ as more of an interactive experience than anything else. Along with all of the usual features generally associated with a late afternoon-early evening programme like traffic and travel, news, weather,community information and updates, the show is all about having fun and playing the music that you want to hear. There is the‘album of the week’ feature which is not necessarily just new music. It can be an album chosen by you: your favourite sounds. Then there is the ‘Where Am I?’ anagram giving the show’s esteemed ‘Braniacs’ and regular listeners an opportunity to exercise their ‘grey-matter’. Every Wednesday I’m joined by Paul McCartney’s stepmother Angie McCartney for ‘Dick’s Domestic Tips’ 

Many well known household-name celebrities choose to be a guest on my show. It’s all about having a good time. I think it’s wonderful that local people can interact with others who may be listening live from anywhere in the world via the HFM website. Truly local radio is all about broadcasting totally from within the local community: being a part of that community and based in that community. In other words investing in that community. Anything else is simply not local radio.”

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