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Dave Irving
Dave Irving

Dave wakes up South Leicestershire & North Northamptonshire every weekday from 7am!

There's local and national news every half hour, up to the minute traffic and travel to get you to work on time, plus the "Twinspin" each hour. Test your knowledge too with "Three Of A Kind".

Dave checks out what's happening across our region too and plays your morning requests.

Each Friday from 9am, local character Ian Joule chews over the issues of the week with Dave. If its happening in Harborough, then Ian will share his thoughts every Friday morning.

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Habborough Beat









As well as being Station Manager, Moley welcomes guests from across South Leicestershire and North Northamptonshire into the studio to talk about topical issues affecting our community.His interviews to date number over seven hundred, ranging from Cancer support, to magic on the radio; from voluntary organisations to doing an interview in a glider!

Every other Thursday Moley welcomes Leicestershire Constabulary for Harborough Beat, giving you the opportunity to put your questions to the police online or direct to the studio.

Tuesdays from 1.30 he interviews HFMs gardening expert Angela Holland, giving the listener some great gardening tips and inviting you to ask Angela any gardening questions.

Together with the best music for your weekday lunchtime, and the legendary Brainteaser, it's the perfect way to relax while eating your sandwich!


Nick Shelton
Nick Shelton

Join Nick every weekday morning for 10-1 with his regular mix of music, games and features.


Will you get 3 unique and original answers on the Letter Game?


Will you guess the Secret Star?


Plus a different theme on the "Top 10 Board" every week, a look ahead to your evening's TV in "Bits On The Box" and a daily sports round up at 12:30pm every day


Nick keeps you going til lunchtime.



Richard Oliff
Richard 2012

Join Richard from 3pm every weekday for the HFM Drive Show.

"I like to think of the ‘Drive Show’ as more of an interactive experience than anything else. Along with all of the usual features generally associated with a late afternoon-early evening programme like traffic and travel, news, weather,community information and updates, the show is all about having fun and playing the music that you want to hear. There is the‘album of the week’ feature which is not necessarily just new music. It can be an album chosen by you: your favourite sounds. Then there is the ‘Where Am I?’ anagram giving the show’s esteemed ‘Braniacs’ and regular listeners an opportunity to exercise their ‘grey-matter’. Every Wednesday I’m joined by Paul McCartney’s stepmother Angie McCartney for ‘Dick’s Domestic Tips’

Many well known household-name celebrities choose to be a guest on my show. It’s all about having a good time. I think it’s wonderful that local people can interact with others who may be listening live from anywhere in the world via the HFM website. Truly local radio is all about broadcasting totally from within the local community: being a part of that community and based in that community. In other words investing in that community. Anything else is simply not local radio.”

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Chris Jones
Chris Jones

Chris Jones, HFM's Programme Manager eases you through your Sunday morning with a good deal of fun with his Sunday Bit In The Middle. It's on from 11am and takes you through till 2pm. Tune in for the Mystery voice, Croon at Noon and his frequent guest appearance from pub singer Christopher Clutterbucket. Take a trip down memory lane - and see if you can identify the old tv ads on Chris' feature "Chris' Commercial Crackers". Chris loves interaction from the listener and the show always has a large amount of requests, dedications and friendly banter between the listener and Chris.

Chris is very proud of the fact that he has been a part of HFM from day one way back in 1995. His was the first voice heard on the station when it launched it's full time service on February 10th 2007. Chris continues to love everything about the station but his true passion is his Sunday show. Join him for the chaotic nonsense every Sunday from 11am.


Nick Shaw
Nick Shaw

Nick is the voice of HFM news during the daytime during the week and occasionally at weekends!

He looks after HFM's news centre to ensure you're kept up to date with all the news that matters to South Leicestershire.

You can also hear Nick on Sunday nights, with HFM's '7 Day Catch-up' as he looks back at what's been going on here at HFM and across South Leicestershire during the week.
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djb in Rome

Join me from 4 till 7 on Sundays for my Rock Soul & Blues Show,

Featuring the best in current Blues, and the finest Southern Soul, along with some pretty tasty Rock! The show that proves that 'Good Music Is Not a prisoner of Time or Genre'.

You can hear edited versions of these shows at


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Sean Smith
Sean Smith

Sean brings his unique style to HFM on alternate Tuesdays from 7pm!

Listen out for the infamous "Tuesday Titter" and "Smooch with Smithers", along with great music and cheerful chat.

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Terry Hawke
Terry new

Terry Hawke takes over South Leicestershire's airwaves from 10pm on Saturdays with the “Hawke Chill Out Sessions”.

The show isn’t purely chilled out sounds, it’s more of a showcase of musical genres that are designed to stimulate as well as bliss-out the both listener and the musician’s mind, body and soul.

Terry plays some of the best in “Space Rock”, “Ambience”, “Electronica”, plus oodles of deeply chilled sounds. You’ll hear bands such as “Hawkwind”, “Porcupine Tree”, “Ozric Tentacles”, “Tangerine Dream”, “Klaus Schulze”, “Ashra”, Michael Schroeder”, “Aes Dana”, “Cell”, “System 7”, “Eloy”, “Ian Van Dahl”, “Ultrabeat”, “Monster Magnet”, “Pendulum” and many, many others.

The show always includes exclusive studio interviews and phone-link guests with varying musicians from across the globe! His show is now internationally accepted as THE only local radio station show in the UK that promotes this specialist musical genre. Terry keeps in close contact with his USA audience via his music consultants Steve-O and Archie Patterson.

Terry also presents HFM's ‘Through The Night’ with his specially produced "Night Hawke", a monthly show full of “Techno”, “Dance”, “Trance” and “Deeply Chilled-Out” sounds to bliss you into Sunday morning. Terry often combines the ‘Hawke Chill Out Sessions’ with the ‘Night Hawke’; so he’s here to entertain you from 10pm Saturday through till 8am Sunday!

He also produces and presents a bi-monthly show dedicated to “Big-Band”, “Bop and Swing”, called "In The Mood". It features the music of Glenn Miller, Artie Show, Tommy Dorsey, Don Lusher, and many others. His special interview guests usually include John Miller, the nephew of the great Glenn Miller; and Debbie Curtis of the “The Debbie Curtis Radio Big Band”. The show always invites listener’s to ring in, or e-mail their own experiences, or their tales from the WWII era; and this interaction is growing in popularity!

Terry also hosted 102.3 HFM’s very first “Hawke Chill Out Summer Solstice” on the actual Summer Solstice of 2009 from the Studio 1 at HFM. It was a great success with phone-link interviews directly with fans attending such festivals as ‘Stonehenge’, and with fans witnessing the sunrise in the UK and the USA!


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Mark & Nina
Mark & Nina

Join Mark & Nina when they cover occasional shows, with hits from the 60's right up to the present day. There is also a celebrity interview every now and then, 'What's the TV Program?' and 'Who Wants to Know Some Useless Facts-on-Air' features.

That's all mixed in with Mark and Nina’s lively banter and laughter!!

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Liz Osborne
Liz Osborne

Catch Liz when she covers the occasional shows on HFM.

Tune in to hear the best music, banter and loads of fun ( including her reverse lyrics quiz and her "Two Michaels" )

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Will Challoner
Will Challoner

Join Will Challoner every Friday evening from 7pm for the Friday evening show.
Will gets you in the mood for the weekend ahead, keeping you up to date with the latest showbiz gossip and crazy news stories as well as playing you some great music.
You can even take part in radio’s greatest ever game (at least, according to Will); the Friday Evening No-Brainer! Guess the No Brainer, and win the glory!


Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson

When can you find Adam on-air?

Alternate Tuesday’s 10 -midnight

Adam presents his Quiet Revolution. The show comprises Adam’s hand-built playlist of americana, alt-country, folk/roots, world and blues along with live acoustic sessions and interviews.


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Darren Harte
Darren Harte

Join me each Wednesday for two hours of conversation with guests from the world of music and entertainment, both local and from across the UK.

I'll also be playing songs that you have probably not heard in years from CD and old vinyl!

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Simon Parry
Simon Parry

When can you find Simon on-air? The Saturday Sports Show between 2-5pm.

Simon keeps you up to date with the lates from LCFC and all of the local and national matches.

He will have an hour of Non Stop Number Ones where every song is a chart topper!"

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Soozie Max
Soozie Max

When can you find Soozie on-air?

Every Wednesday evening between 7-10pm with Phil Brookes.

They will chat about anything and everything and play some great music too. Listen out, too, for her "what's In My Pocket" quiz.

You'll also hear Soozie at various other times on-air!

Dave Charles
Dave Charles

When will you find Dave on-air?

Every Sunday from 7 till 10pm.

Join him for three hours of great music and chat, featuring local musicians performing live acoustic sessions, as well as interviews with established bands from the local, national and international entertainment scene.

If you would like your band, act or organisation to feature on the show, just drop Dave an email,  or via his myspace site.

Check out videos of Dave's guests

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Keith Williams
Keith Williams

When can you find Keith on-air?

Alternate Saturday evenings 7-10pm.

Whether you're heading out, staying in, or doing a bit of both, make sure you're listening from 7pm. keith plays a great selection of music from all decades. He also likes to play some of the more unusual tracks (sometimes from vinyl record) so you may hear a song that takes you way back.

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Gavin Samways
Gavin Samways

When do you find Gavin on air?

Every Monday evening between 11pm and MIdnight

He presents a fantastic Rewind Show focussing on music from the 80s and 90s. Over the course of the packed hour he should hopefully something for everyone.


Tom Lathom

Tom is the presenter and producer of the Country Rock Show on Monday evenings between 9pm and 11pm.

The 2 hour slot showcases talented local artists and new country rock music from around the world as well as country rock classics. If you are in a band that performs country rock music you can send your demo CD/EP to Tom at the Fernie House address on the main HFM website.

The first hour is dedicated to quirky news from around the world and between 10 and 11 Tom does the weekly movie review of the latest hollywood blockbuster!

Tom has been presenting regularly on HFM for the past 6 years and when he is not in the station he is an avid supporter of Leicester City Football Club.


Paul Wright
Paul Wright

When will you find Paul on-air?

Every Sunday from 8-11am with his famous 60's Sunday show to 102.3 HFM.

There will be 3 hours of instant nostalgia dished up by Paul every Sunday morning from 8am, when he takes a snapshot of the weekly happenings in the world of pop music cropping up in that crucial double decade of 1953-1973.

With a wealth of musical experience as a drummer to tap into that spans some 40 plus years and another 20 plus spent in the world of radio there will be loads of memories both locally & nationally to tickle your taste buds in the "60's Sunday".

If you the listener have any of your own local musical memories or otherwise that you can recall please contact me at the station and I will endeavour to weave them into the show!

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Rob Maltman
Rob 2

HFM's very own wrestling expert.

Having worked as a ring announcer and general manager since 2008, Rob has now taken the leap into promoting

He is taking a break after 10 years of continuous broadcasting with HFM and can be caught covering the occasional shows on air.

If you know your TNA from your WWE, tune in and LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!


Stu's Friday Night Rock Show


Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and outdoor

Join Stu every Friday from ten till midnight for The Friday Night Rockshow on 102.3 HFM as he alternates between presenting the show with Ian "Nosey" Parker and Logan Thea Reeves Sassoon. Kendall also pops in to co-host on the odd occasion here and there!!

Stu and Kendall have been together for far too long.. They met due to a mutual love of Led Zeppelin, and are both fairly knowledgable on their rock music. Stu now co-presents the show with his daughter and great friend Ian "Nosey" Parker.

Try Stu's Maywatch Quiz (what is in Brian May's hair??), Nosey's Drum Quiz and with a mystery band live in the HFM car park each week, there is no better way to spend a Friday night.

You can also join their Facebook group of the same name.


Grant Lush
Grant Lush

Grant is part of HFM's News Team. You'll hear him reading the weekend local news, as well as reporting on the top local stories of the day during the week.

Also listen out for Grant on some of HFM's jingles and the daily Community Matters Update.


Graham Beeby
Graham Beeby

When will you find Graham on-air?

Every Saturday morning from 10am until Midday.

As well as playing your weekend requests, Graham will bring you a couple of light-hearted teasers too.


More about Graham


Rory Rattray
Rory 2

Join Rory for a varied mix of music, and banter. Enter his quizzes, like Beat the Intro & Name the TV Show.

Rory presents the Saturday Breakfast show from 7am to 10am each week. Let Rory wake you up with some cracking tunes and banter.



When can you find Jonno on-air?

Every Monday from 7pm to 9pm

Join him for MUSIC AND MAYHEM. There's the lyric quiz, the Monday moan, some great moneysaving tips,some fab tunes, silly jokes, nuggets of knowledge, and general fun, frolics and mucking about. ALL IN THE BEST POSSIBLE TASTE!!!!!!

You can also get your favorite tune played on the wireless!!



Graham Wright

Graham Wright has been a presenter and journalist on professional radio stations in the East Midlands since 1986 and loves his occasional stints on Harborough FM.

He is a great fan of community radio and says he hasn't heard any station do it better than HFM.

He can usually be found researching, compiling and reading the news when Nick Shaw is on holiday - or has lost his voice!

You can read more about Graham via his personal web site,


Owen Brooks
Owen Brooks

When will you find Owen on-air?

Alternate Thursdays, 7pm-10pm

Owen joined HFM in 2010 and has presented regularly since then.

His "Musicals Interlude" show focusses on music from TV, film and theatre. He presents a round up of what's going on in the local theatre scene in his regular Musicals Interlude Drama Diary.Listen out, too, for his featured tracks from Musical Theatre boyband Collabro in the final hour of the show. Alex Murray also provides a round up of cinema offerings in his monthly "Film Focus". Listeners are more than welcome to get in touch with song requests.

Owen's favourite music to listen to is songs from the shows and any excuse to go the theatre, and review shows on behalf of HFM, is taken up.

You can also catch Owen covering others shows as required.

More on Owen


Ian Parker
Ian Parker


Ian has extensive experience in the music industry as DJ, musician and lighting & sound rigger.

Catch him co-hosting with Stu Reeves, every other Friday between 10pm and midnight (with his regular feature - The Drum Intro Quiz), You can also catch him covering other shows - keep an eye on the schedule for these


Sam Britton
Sam 1

Sam presents his popular show on alternate Saturdays between 7-10pm.
Bringing you a range of popular, middle of the road and alternative music,
With quiz "The long shot", Sam will also be playing your favourite 80's music after 8pm,
and also he'll be keeping you up to date with the latest news from the world of entertainment.

Also Sam can be found covering various shows, including the country cover show, where he brings you all the latest neo traditional and alternative country between 22:00-00:00.

Sam has been broadcasting and DJ'ing for over 10 years, he is a multi instrumentalist that has been a session musician and producer for several independent bands as well as establishing himself as a solo artist and sound engineer, producing music with several old skool House and Hip Hop musicians including Shiva and the adventures of Stevie V.

More on Sam


Karen Anderson
Karen 1

Hailing from Smethwick in the West Midlands, Karen brings her own sense of fun to her shows. Catch Karen covering shows, so be sure to check our schedule!

Recorder Disorder, Calypso Caper and a Tinie Tempah Tantrum are just some of the items in her shows. Karen’s favourite music era was the 80s, but she also loves current chart music. Add all this to a wicked sense of humour and a love of obscure news stories and you have a great mix!

So tune in and hear some of her little witticisms….we can guarantee you a good laugh.


Paul Grunill


Paul describes his music tastes as from the 'light side of metal to the heavy side of easy listening.'

He is also the only HFM DJ with a knowledge of Prog, and now has a regular slot, presenting alternate Thursdays from 10 til midnight..

More on Paul


Dani Rust
Dani Rust


If you like ROCK, and New Jersey Rock in particular, then you are in for a treat with Dani's shows.

Expect great music and chat. Great features are assured too such as CD from the Vault and Featured Presenter of the Week. There is always a surprise or too up her sleeve.

Catch Dani on alternate Tuesdays from 10pm until midnight.


Becca Robertson


Becca presents the Saturday lunchtime show between 12-2pm, and is also well known to listeners for her work on Graham Beebys show on Saturday mornings.

Her infectious humour will make sure you have an enjoyable time, and look out for Beccas Musical Blunders!


Richard Bransby
Richard Bransby

A former student from our HFM 'Introduction to Radio Broadcasting Course', Richard has been presenting on HFM for nearly three years. Start your Saturday evenings early and join him between 5-7pm. Richard has a passion for great music and enjoys all genres from the 50's to present day. Every month there is the A-Z of the 80's show squeezing 26 songs into two hours. In between there are themed shows, quirky news, 70's sessions, quizzes and loads more.



You can hear Noony on Sunday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm.
He plays a huge variety of music from Abba through the alphabet to ZZ Top.

Your requests are an important part of his shows, as he loves giving you what you want.
Noony isn’t fussy about what Genre you like either coz if he’s got it he’ll play it just for you.
He will also take you on a trip to “Visit the Vinyl Vaults” where he brings in some records from his own collection to play you.

Noony has worked as mobile DJ since 1988 and also a sound and light engineer for a local Rod Stewart tribute over the last 5 years.

So join Noony each Sunday from 2pm until 4pm, “He’s as mad as a box of frogs.”


Gordon Warren
Gordon Warren

You can catch Gordon on HFM alternate Thursday evenings between 7pm and 10pm with his "Musical Mystery Tour" and regular features.

More about Gordon:

I’ve always had a big interest in listening to and learning about radio & music. Hearing ‘Radio Caroline’, 'Radio London' & ‘Radio Luxembourg’ when young, through fading, crackling & whistling sound; then ‘Capital Radio’ (London’s then ‘new’ commercial local radio station); and up all-night with the radio 'talk shows'.

Kenny Everett (who I met at ‘Capital Radio’ where I did a junior journalist spot) was a big influence, inspiring me to write & make up my own stories, recording and delicately editing with scissors & tape on cassette!

Although wanting to get involved in radio, opportunities were limited then. I got involved in the Royal Court Theatre’s Youth Theatre; went to Drama College; and moved into professional acting, theatre, performing and drama work; and have also written & performed my own spoken-word poetry.

After 13 years in Fleckney, I moved to Market Harborough in 2013. Following attending the HFM Radio Broadcasting course in 2014, I was pleased to become an HFM presenter, covering various shows and often welcoming people aboard my ‘musical mystery tour’ of the great musical landscape, particularly tracks from some of the best singer-songwriters and musicians; including songs that have stood the test of time; with words that matter; have a point to make; or perhaps a story to tell; as well as ‘Stories Behind The Tracks’; Musical Challenges; and often a ‘Musical Location Stop-Over’ or a featured artist. It’s all about the Music....

Selected edited highlights of some radio appearances & full shows, including my poem about “Why I Like Radio”, can be heard at:

Twitter: @GorrenUK

Personal Website:


Phil Brookes
Phil Brookes

You can hear Phil every Wednesday from 7pm – 10pm with co-host Soozie Max when they present their own special blend of music, chat and requests as well as regular competitions. Phil also pops up covering other shows from time to time.

My love affair with music began in the mid 70’s when I first heard David Bowie’s iconic Space Oddity on the family “wireless” on glorious Medium Wave!

From that moment on I was hooked.

I remember listening to Tom Browne doing the chart countdown on Radio 1 (and recording it onto cassette!) I would listen over and over again, memorising each song, artist and chart position. Along with my parents own eclectic taste in music, this gave me an appreciation for all styles.

It has also filled my head with a head full of music trivia!

It was always my dream to work in radio and share my passion for music but I thought it was a chance that had passed me by. Then I heard about the Introduction to Radio Broadcasting Course at HFM and the rest as they say, is history!

The moral of the story, never give up on your dreams… one day they may come true.”

Phil Brookes has been involved in the professional blues, funk/soul scene for 30 years recording several albums and singles. He has played at some of the most revered music venues around the UK as well as festivals around Europe. He has also performed live studio sessions for BBC radio 2 and 6music including playing at the legendary Maida Vale studios.

As well as being a freelance music reviewer, Phil is currently lead guitarist and vocalist with his own blues trio, Jet Black Blues Band.


Steve Watts
Steve Watts

Join Steve Watts our very own galactic warrior broadcasting live from onboard the HFM Odyssey,
a fictional space station as he transmits via satellite in his brand new Galactic radio show

The show runs alternate Sunday 7-10PM Galactic Mega Time.

Steve’s enchanted, charismatic voice takes to the airways with a show that at times pulls on the heart strings as the HFM Odyssey delves back in time to discover your deepest emotions, plus “Warp drive” allows you to indulge in your inner most musical memories in what can only be explained as a fun filled, light hearted radio show thats "Out of this world"

Definition of Odyssey - A long journey full of adventures.


Emma B
Emma B

Hello! Im Emma B your alternate Saturday weekend breakfast show presenter. I hope to wake up your weekend with great music, a game of roadie knows , your saturday shake down and the weeks music news.
I took part in the Hfm training course back in october 2016 and loved every minute of it!. I was introduced to the wonderful world of radio and had the best teachers here at Hfm to show me the ropes. And now i have my very own show !
So join me for the saturday breakfast show. 7am-10am alternative weekends.



Adam Simmons
Adam Simmons

Hi !! My name is Adam, and I joined HFM in 2016 for the in-house training course.

I currently provide cover for regular presenters.

I have had an interest in radio since I was 10, and have a decade of experience of hospital radio.

Look forward to you tuning in