Up Close and Personal with Sam Britton

We continue to go behind the mic to find out everything you've ever wanted to know about our presenters!

Sam 2Find Me  on Air:Covering shows on a regular basis, check website for details

First Job: Sound Engineer

Favourite Music:Acoustic, House and Trance music.

Favourite Food: Chinese

Favourite Drink: Mango Juice

Star Sign: Scorpio

\Who is the most Famous Person You HAve Met? Steve Vincent from The Adventures Of Stevie V

Favourite Holiday Destination:Australia

Favourite TV Programme / Film:

Friends/Die Hard

Sam 3

Best Thing about Working at HFM:

Being involved with a really great local community and playing you a great mix of music the listeners love.

Fascinating Fact about Me: I have worked with Stevie V recording and producing music for 3 years, it was a great honour.

Your Favourite Pass Time / Hobby: Apart from radio I am a very keen aviation enthusiast.

Most embarrassing (NOT RUDE!) Moment: When Geocaching on a bridge I was approached by the local boating club land owner who saw me looking and reaching under the bridge and he asked me what what on earth I was doing.

What Made You Want To Get Into Radio Broadcasting?:After spending many years as a child listening to radio, i wanted to go along to a station and find out how it all works. After a trip to a station, and being in that studio, I was instantly hooked.