Angie McCartney Book Launch

Angie McCartney presents a weekly slot on HFM giving household tips on everything from money saving ideas to what to do with old te bags. The item is called Dicks Domestic Tips and is part of Richard Oliffs drive show. Angie - who is the step mother of Paul McCartney has just launched her book entitled "Angie McCartney - My long and Winding Road". Richard went to Liverpool on Wednesday January 30th to attend the launch, and to meet up with with Angie, Ruth McCartney and a few friends......

Angie McCartney with Book

Angie McCartney with her new book "My Long and Winding Road"

Angie McCartney with Richard Oliff

The Dicks Domestivc Tips team meet at last. Richard with Angie McCartney

Angie Richard and Ruth

Angie McCartney, Richard Oliff and Ruth McCartney

Ruth McCartney with Richard Oliff

Ruth McCartney with Richard Oliff

Martin Nethercutt

Martin Nethercutt with Richard Oliff

Billy Hatton

Richard Oliff with Billy Hatton from The Fourmost

Richard Oliff Mention

Richard Oliff is mentioned in the book for his Domestic Tips sfeature with Angie

HFM Mention