Harborough Beat with HFM and Leicestershire Police

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Harborough Police beat officers Malc Roberts and Paul Williams are live at HFM every other Thursday to answer your questions and talk about policing issues locally.

If you've got a question for them you can email it in advance by clicking here

Please remember to include your name and a contact number, so we can ring you back if we need to!  Or call in on 01858 464666

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More on PC Malc Roberts:

Malc Roberts

“I am PC Malc Roberts and joined Leicestershire Constabulary in 2006.

"Since that time all my service has been in Market Harborough and have a good knowledge of the area and the people within it. I am one of two Primary beat officers for Market Harborough and The Bowdens.

I am keen to work with both local communities and partner agencies to tackle issues that affect the quality of life in Harborough.

I see my priorities as reducing crime and anti social behaviour within my area and dealing with the causes of this.”


Paul Williams















More on PC Paul Williams:

Paul Williams"I am PC Paul Williams and I have 14 years experience having joined Leicestershire Constabulary in 1996. Since that time I have worked in a number of different and varied roles within Leicestershire, including six years as the Intelligence Officer at Market Harborough, as such I have good local knowledge of the area and the people within it.

I see my priorities as: increasing the trust and confidence of local people; increasing the feeling of safety and security in the local area; and reducing crime and anti-social behaviour within Market Harborough and the Bowdens.