Crown Joule Awards

Ever said he or she deserves a medal but will never get one? Well now you can nominate them for one! medal

Breakfast Show host Dave Irving has teamed up with regular Friday guest Ian Joule to award a Crown Joule Medal each month to a deserving local person.

So if you know someone locally that deserves to be recognised, why not nominate them for a Crown Joule Medal!  Click HERE to email your nomination - please put the person's name and if possible a contact number, as well as your name and contact details!

Winners so far are:


Jadz Bower - for her work with the Bower House Counselling Service

Freedom Support Solutions - for their great tireless work in Market Harborough.

Doreen and Donald Clinton-Smith - for their tireless work in Market Harborough with the Fair Trade and Credit Union groups.

Tom Joule - for all the contributions he has made to promoting Market Harborough

Eleanor Shepherd - for her work on musical and theatre projects in Harborough

Donna Collis - Smith, Hayley Dilks and Lucy Bishop - for thier fundraising for Cancer Research.

Sandy Handley - for her work as Transport Car Sceme Managerat Voluntry Action South Leicestershire.

Sharron Muggleton, Ray Dunthorne and Russell Woodbridge - for thier excellent work at Shopmobility Market Harborough.

Richard Lainchbury - for his huge fundraising efforts and other contributions at the Market Harborough Rugby Club.

PCSO Mark Illston - for going beyond the call of duty on his beat in Market Harborough.

Marie King - for her work with Harborough Against Bullying organisation



Marie King receives her medal with her family



PCSO Mark Illston is presented with his medal by Dave Irving and Ian Joule


Richard Lainchbury

Richard Lainchbury from Market Harborough Rugby Club receives his medal


Sharron Muggleton Shopmobility

Sharron Muggleton and Ray Dunthorne from Market Harborough Shopmobility accept thier medal from Dave and Ian. Russell Woodbridge also received a medal, but was unable to attend on the day.


Sandy Handley

Sandy Handley who is the Transport Car Scheme Manager at Voluntary Action South Leicestershire receives her Crown Joule award from Dave and Ian.


Crown Joule

Dave Irving and Ian Joule surprised Donna Collis-Smith, Hayley Dilks and Lucy Bishop with Crown Joule Award medals for their fundraising for Cancer Research. They have raised over £6,000


Eleanor Shepherd

Eleanor Shepherd was surprised to receive a Crown Joule Award medal on HFM's Breakfast Show for all her work on various Harborough theatre and musical projects. It was a lovely moment!


Tom Joule with some of the HFM team

Tom Joule was astounded to receive one of the Crown Joule Award medals from Dave Irving & his father, Ian Joule, for his contributions as an employer in the town and promoting Market Harborough generally including the donation of polo shirts to the team at Harborough FM. The shirts are being modeled in the picture by Dave Irving, Soozie Max, Chris Jones, Nick Shaw and Moley.














Doreen and Donald Clinton-Smith were the surprised recipients of Crown Joule Award medals from Dave Irving and Ian Joule on the HFM Breakfast Show.  They were nominated for their tireless work in Market Harborough with the Fair Trade and Credit Union groups.


Crown Joule Awards

Freedom Support Solutions visited Harborough FM on Friday 16th May – they were the stars of the Breakfast Show with Dave Irving & Ian Joule and also received a Crown Joule Award medal. Great fun was had by all.


Jedz Bower

Jadz Bower from the Bower House team Counselling Service was surprised with a Crown Joule Award medal on Friday 4th July. The Bower House were nominated anonymously by someone who was helped by their counselling, all provided to the people of Market Harborough free of charge.